Ancient Egypt in pictures

I am writing a novel set in Ancient Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, around 1800 BC. So I travelled to Egypt a while ago for research. The grand and wonderful relics of Egypt’s ancient past are everywhere, as is the desert, and the brilliant sun.

L to R, top to bottom: Hathor column Philae, Giza, captives at Abu Simbel, Ramses wife at Abu Simbel, ceiling KV 47, Great Pyramid close up, Ptolemaic columns at Philae, banks of the Nile in Upper Egypt, wall detail tomb of Ramses III.

The Story of the Scribe

A case of Art re-imagining History If you wondered where the image of the scribe comes from on this page, it’s a detail from an 1874 oil painting. The painter was Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and he titled his work ‘Joseph, Overseer of Pharaoh’s Granaries’. In the painting, Joseph is pale, imperious …