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QUIZ: Which Famous Woman are You?

March 2024

If you lived in another era, which famous and fascinating woman might you have been like? Take a personality quiz with a historic twist…


Easter Extra

 March 2024

I turned up to a breakfast event a few minutes late recently. Gentle early sun gleamed on an empty carpark. Something wasn’t right…

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How an Old Treasure was Rediscovered

 March 2024

This woman was lost to posterity for almost a century, until early 2024. And she wasn’t the only painting by this famous artist to go missing…

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Quiz! Which woman are you?

 March 2024

Discover six fascinating and famous women of history…

Who might you be, in another era?

If you lived in another age, which famous woman might you have been like? Take a personality quiz with a historical twist...

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I like to eat

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This looks like a place I’d like to stay in:

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I like my clothes…

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I'd describe my family relationshhips like this:

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I am motivated by...

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I feel alive when I...

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Any ideas who these notable historic women may be?

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‘The February 14th Story’: A short Romance for Valentine’s Day

February 2024

Beatrice, a telephone operator in 1888, sets out to right wrongs just before Valentine’s Day. A fun short story featuring one of the characters in the late Victorian world of my current novel.

Exclusive, unpublished romantic historical fiction!

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10 Romantic Reads to Sweep you back in Time

 February 2024

Here are 10 of my favourite romantic historical novels to sweep you off your feet. Love is story-worthy stuff!

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New year, new look? A perspective from a Victorian Grand Dame

 January 2024

Take a look inside a grand old dame of Victorian architecture, the Royal Exhibition Building, and how it might help you think about change.

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‘The Christmas When Tomten Didn’t Come’: A Scandinavian Story

 December 2023

A gentle, poignant Christmas story, about two young brothers eagerly looking forward to a Christmas that doesn’t come as expected. Exclusive, unpublished fiction for subscribers only.

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Top Hats Rule:
The Heady Power of Millinery Style

 November 2023

Hats had their heyday in the Victorian era. Find out how hats bestowed power and identity, and still do…

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10 Great Historical Gothic Reads

 October 2023

10 of the best stories for seriously delicious historical shivers…

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Castles in the Air and on the Ground

 September 2023

Meet a master of marketing in Gilded Age Melbourne, who even advertised for a wife…

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Brains, Beauty & Breeches:
10 Female Firsts

 March 2023

For Women’s History Month, find out about ten women who were first to: rule a nation, write a book, compose surviving music and more…

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Cupid’s Column: matchmaking in the Victorian era

 February 2023

How were matches made in the old days before online dating. Romance was quite a business in colonial Australia…

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Sharp Arts: diplomacy at needlepoint

 August 2023

Who is this? Not Elizabeth I, but another woman at the pointy end of art and politics, who wielded both pen and needle…

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Hidden Riches:
The Gilded Age Downunder

 July 2023

In which Alison peeks behind the solid doors of an old bank to show you some gorgeous golden history. A nineteenth century tale of boom and bust…

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Away with the Fairies

 June 2023

Before the movies, live theatre was huge.  Big shows toured the colonies and Victorian audiences loved fantasy. Meet the ‘pets of the public’ – the Australian women of Victorian theatre…

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Castles in the Air and on the Ground

 September 2023

Meet a master of marketing in Gilded Age Melbourne, who even advertised for a wife…

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Mothers & Others

 May 2023

A 000-sized meditation on motherhood and a new short story to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Plus a howler of a 1907 postcard from New Zealand.

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Bonzerina – Slinging Good Old Slang

 April 2023

A post of positivity: talking things up in late Victorian lingo

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