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About Alison Lloyd

I’m an author of historical fiction and non-fiction. I like books that stir your soul, make you smile and transport you to another world. I write to give readers the sense of being swept up into something stirring, satisfying and meaningful. History is such a rich, strange place, and I keep going back to it.

I write from Melbourne, Australia. But the power of writing and reading is that it can take you anywhere. I’m currently working on an adult novel set in Ancient Egypt. I recently wrote a story set in a Qing Dynasty mansion, which was shortlisted for the Historical Writers Association Dorothy Dunnett prize. Read it here:

I have also had ten books for children published, some of which have won or been shortlisted for awards. All of them are about the past – in either Ancient China or Australia. You can find out more about them on my site for kids

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