Where’s the Red Button?

‘Your past doesn’t have to dictate your present or your future.’

Lavinia Wilson

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Where’s the Red Button? is a different type of book for me — not historical fiction but a heart-wrenching and inspirational true story, of someone I know.

When Lavinia was four years old, her dad took her to the scariest ride at the Melbourne Show. Before they got on, her big sister told her, ‘If you get scared, press the red button to get off.’

It was a set-up – there was no red button. Neither Lavinia nor her sister Mel could escape the ride. Or the father who threatened to kill them, in their home full of guns, junk and misery.  Lavinia was desperate and gutsy, and she ran away. But the institutions that took her in didn’t give love and security either. By adulthood she was tired of fighting for survival…until she found her red button.

Lavinia grew up in what’s now my local area, at the same time as I did. It’s been a moving experience to co-write Where’s the Red Button? It’s a story of hope — a real example of how the trauma of the past can be overcome.


Lisa McInnes Smith

‘A beautiful model for those still struggling with their pain.’

Tom Hallas, YWAM Asia Pacific

‘Remarkably poignant.’ Tim Costello AO

Tim Costello, AO, former CEO of World Vision Australia

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